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From the frosty mountain tips of the Himalayas to the tropical, sandy beaches of Bali, the largest continent in the world, Asia is incredibly rich in culture, adventure, solace and spirituality. For centuries, travellers around the world have been fascinated by the diversity and inimitability each destination offers.

The Asian continent is home to many ancient wonders and sacred spaces across the countries, from the Great Wall of China to Sigiriya Rock Fort of Sri Lanka to Petra in Jordan to lesser-known marvels in Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and Afghanistan, there are many things to do in Asia when it comes to cultural expeditions.

Asian landscapes are vast and diverse, hold some of the most distinctive attractions, from ranges of mountains to waterfalls and beaches within the same region to majestic jungles and rainforests full of wildlife you will not be able to experience anywhere else in the world. 

Nature is closer to Asian people; it is a driving force in people’s lives. Every climate in the world can be found in Asia, surf your way with a sun-kissed tropical climate in the beaches of Mirissa, Sri Lanka, island hopping in lands surrounded by turquoise waters in Maldives, freezing cold Siberia, bowing dunes of Gobi Desert, Mongolia and greenly Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines, all can be experienced in one and only Asia.

Exploring wildlife is one of the popular things to do in Asia. Tigers and leopards in dry lands, snow leopards in snowy mountains, orangutan in rainforests and many more ingenious wildlife can be seen during your nature expeditions in Asia.

Asian food is a blend of the entire continent and there is not greater place to eat than Asia! Unique cuisines full of flavor and colour are food to live by; the popular Singaporean chilly crab, Sri Lanka’s very own rice and curry (plus must-try kottu!), heaping plates of pad Thai noodles in Bangkok, steaming bowls of pho in Vietnam, China’s juicy, succulent dumplings and red hot Indian dishes in Delhi are just few of them.

You will never be bored with Asia’s cuisines, be it a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant in Osaka, Japan or hawker street of Singapore or a food truck in Bangkok, you will enjoy an unforgettable meal full of flavor.

Most Asian countries use chopsticks or fingers to eat to enjoy the food to the fullest. The uniqueness of each region in Asia is represented there itself. Asian cuisines are different from one country to another. Trying Asian food is considered a ‘must’ in the list of things to do in Asia

As one of the fastest growing continents in the world, Asia is ever-evolving with its unique modernity, challenging some of the hot cities like London, New York, converting to be outshining business and entertainment hubs. Whizzing magnetic trains, glistening skyscrapers and hottest electronics in the world; the future is now in Asia. Served in a platter, the fashion, the culture and everything about living in the 21st century will keep renewing your experience with many exciting attractions in Asia.

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