Arthur’s Seat View Point Kandy

Arthur’s Seat View Point Kandy

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A Scenic Marvel

Perched on the outskirts of Kandy, Sri Lanka, Arthur’s Seat Viewpoint offers a mesmerizing panorama of this lush, hilly region. This comprehensive exploration uncovers the history, significance, natural beauty, and the unique vantage point that makes Arthur’s Seat a must-visit destination for travelers seeking the best of Sri Lanka’s scenic treasures.

A Historical Anecdote:

Arthur’s Seat, known locally as Arthurs Seat, has a connection to Sri Lanka’s colonial past. It’s named after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous British author best known for his Sherlock Holmes stories. During his visit to Sri Lanka in 1922, he was captivated by the breathtaking views from this vantage point and subsequently lent his name to it.

Spectacular Views:

The true allure of Arthur’s Seat lies in its breathtaking views. As you ascend to this viewpoint, you’re rewarded with a sweeping vista of Kandy’s lush landscape. The lush green hills, the shimmering Mahaweli River, and the city of Kandy itself create a tapestry of natural beauty that’s nothing short of enchanting.

Sunset Serenity:

While Arthur’s Seat is a scenic marvel throughout the day, it’s during sunset that it truly comes to life. The sinking sun bathes the landscape in warm, golden hues, and the shifting shadows create a mesmerizing play of light and dark. It’s an ideal spot for couples seeking a romantic moment or photographers aiming to capture nature’s finest artistry.

Botanical Diversity:

The surrounding hills are rich in biodiversity. The viewpoint is embraced by lush greenery, and if you’re lucky, you might spot some of the local wildlife that calls this area home, including various bird species.

A Photographer’s Paradise:

Arthur’s Seat is a dream come true for photographers. The changing play of light and shadow, the sweeping vistas, and the verdant landscapes provide endless opportunities for capturing stunning shots. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just love snapping pictures on your smartphone, this place won’t disappoint.


Reaching Arthur’s Seat requires a bit of a climb, but it’s well worth the effort. The trek is not overly strenuous, and it can be a refreshing experience to get closer to nature. It’s advised to wear comfortable shoes and carry some water and a camera to capture the unforgettable moments.

Picnic Paradise:

Many visitors to Arthur’s Seat pack a picnic to enjoy amidst this natural splendor. The cool breeze, the rustling leaves, and the stunning views make it an ideal spot to relax, savor a meal, and immerse yourself in the serene ambiance.

A Local Gem:

Arthur’s Seat isn’t just a tourist destination; it’s also a beloved spot for locals. Families, couples, and friends often visit here to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, making it a place where you can experience the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Preserving the Beauty:

It’s essential to remember that places like Arthur’s Seat are treasures that need to be preserved. Visitors are encouraged to carry out any waste, avoid disturbing the local wildlife, and respect the natural environment to ensure that this viewpoint remains a haven of beauty for generations to come.

In Conclusion:

Arthur’s Seat Viewpoint in Kandy, Sri Lanka, is a testament to the island nation’s natural splendor. It’s a place where history, literature, and nature converge, inviting travelers and locals alike to connect with the breathtaking landscapes that make Sri Lanka so enchanting. Whether you seek scenic beauty, a touch of history, or a moment of tranquility, Arthur’s Seat promises an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after you’ve left this hillside haven.

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