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A Vibrant City of History and Industrial Growth

Bien Hoa, a bustling city in Dong Nai province, Vietnam, is a dynamic blend of history, industrial development, and cultural richness. Situated in the southern part of the country, Bien Hoa plays a significant role in Vietnam’s economic growth and has a vibrant history dating back centuries. From exploring historical landmarks and temples to experiencing the city’s industrial prowess, Bien Hoa offers a fascinating journey that showcases the country’s past and its aspirations for the future. Whether you seek to delve into the city’s heritage, indulge in regional cuisine, or witness its modern development, Bien Hoa promises an immersive and multifaceted experience that captivates every traveler.

Geography and Location

Bien Hoa is located approximately 30 kilometers northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, making it part of the Southern Key Economic Region.

Bien Hoa City Center: Urban Vibrancy

Explore the bustling city center of Bien Hoa, with its modern infrastructure, vibrant markets, and bustling streets.

Bien Hoa Old Market: Timeless Charm

Experience the nostalgic charm of Bien Hoa Old Market, where locals gather to shop for fresh produce and traditional items.

Buu Long Pagoda: Tranquil Sanctuary

Find peace at Buu Long Pagoda, an ancient temple perched atop a hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Bien Hoa Airbase: Historical Landmark

Discover the history of Bien Hoa Airbase, which played a crucial role during the Vietnam War.

Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve: Biodiversity Haven

Embark on a nature adventure at Vinh Cuu Nature Reserve, a sanctuary for diverse wildlife and lush landscapes.

Thac Mai (Mai Waterfall): Natural Beauty

Visit Thac Mai, a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, offering a refreshing escape from the city.

Bien Hoa Ceramic Village: Artisanal Heritage

Explore Bien Hoa Ceramic Village, known for its traditional pottery craftsmanship and artistic legacy.

Quang Trung Museum: Historical Tribute

Learn about the life and achievements of Emperor Quang Trung at the Quang Trung Museum.

Tam Chuc Pagoda: Spiritual Serenity

Experience the spiritual ambiance of Tam Chuc Pagoda, a revered Buddhist temple with serene surroundings.

Ho May Park: Recreational Delight

Enjoy family-friendly activities at Ho May Park, featuring amusement rides, a water park, and scenic views.

Bien Hoa Industrial Zone: Economic Hub

Witness the city’s industrial growth at Bien Hoa Industrial Zone, a hub for manufacturing and economic development.

Dong Nai River: Waterway Beauty

Take a boat ride along the Dong Nai River, admiring the scenic beauty and riverine life.

Bien Hoa Market: Local Flavors

Indulge in regional cuisine and local delicacies at the bustling Bien Hoa Market.

Conservation and Urban Development: Striking a Balance

Bien Hoa is committed to preserving its cultural heritage while embracing modernization and urban development.

Bien Hoa Vincom Plaza: Shopping and Entertainment

Experience shopping and entertainment at Bien Hoa Vincom Plaza, a modern mall in the heart of the city.

Bien Hoa New City: Urban Expansion

Witness the urban expansion of Bien Hoa with the development of Bien Hoa New City.

Cultural Festivals: Celebrating Traditions

Participate in cultural festivals and celebrations, where locals showcase their vibrant traditions and customs.

Regional Cuisine: Gastronomic Treasures

Savor the diverse flavors of Bien Hoa’s regional cuisine, known for its fresh ingredients and delectable dishes.


Bien Hoa, with its rich history, industrial growth, and cultural treasures, offers a multifaceted experience that appeals to every traveler. From exploring historical landmarks and pagodas to witnessing the city’s economic development, Bien Hoa showcases Vietnam’s past, present, and aspirations for the future. Immerse in the city’s vibrant ambiance, savor regional cuisine, and experience the warm hospitality of its people. Bien Hoa invites travelers to discover the charm of its historical sites, embrace the city’s industrial prowess, and immerse in its cultural richness, making it a captivating destination in Vietnam’s southern region.


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