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Cao Lanh

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A Tranquil Riverside Retreat in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

Cao Lanh, a peaceful city in the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, is a hidden gem that captivates travelers with its scenic river landscapes, lush greenery, and warm hospitality. Nestled along the Hau River, Cao Lanh offers an authentic and tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. From wandering through picturesque flower gardens and vibrant markets to exploring historical sites and immersing in local culture, Cao Lanh presents a delightful journey into the heart of the Mekong Delta’s natural beauty and cultural richness.

Geography and Location

Cao Lanh is the capital city of Dong Thap province, situated in the southwestern part of Vietnam.

Hau River: Riverside Serenity

Experience the tranquility of the Hau River, where boat rides offer scenic views of the delta’s picturesque landscapes.

Sa Dec Flower Village: Floral Wonderland

Discover Sa Dec Flower Village, a vibrant hub of flower nurseries that color the city with a kaleidoscope of blooms.

Xeo Quyt Forest: Biodiversity Haven

Embark on a boat tour of Xeo Quyt Forest, a peaceful mangrove forest with diverse wildlife and historical significance.

Tram Chim National Park: Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Explore Tram Chim National Park, a wetland reserve renowned for its rich birdlife and biodiversity.

Cao Lanh Floating Market: Riverine Commerce

Experience the lively Cao Lanh Floating Market, where boats converge to trade agricultural products and local goods.

Huyen Thoai Chau Doc Pagoda: Spiritual Heritage

Visit Huyen Thoai Chau Doc Pagoda, an ancient Buddhist temple with ornate architecture and spiritual ambiance.

Dong Thap Museum: Cultural Legacy

Discover the history and cultural heritage of Dong Thap province at the Dong Thap Museum.

Sa Dec Town: Cultural Delights

Stroll through Sa Dec Town, where colonial buildings, ancient pagodas, and bustling markets showcase local life.

Tomb of Huynh Thuy Le: Literary Connection

Explore the Tomb of Huynh Thuy Le, which gained fame through Marguerite Duras’ novel “The Lover.”

Tam Nong Bird Sanctuary: Avian Paradise

Witness the beauty of Tam Nong Bird Sanctuary, a sanctuary for migratory birds in the Mekong Delta.

Mekong River Island: Rural Charm

Visit Mekong River Island, a rustic retreat where traditional crafts and local delicacies await.

Ba Om Pond: Scenic Respite

Relax by Ba Om Pond, a serene oasis surrounded by lotus flowers and lush greenery.

Khmer Culture: Ethnic Diversity

Discover the rich Khmer culture and traditions of Cao Lanh, reflected in festivals, architecture, and cuisine.

Conservation and Eco-Tourism: Preserving Natural Beauty

Cao Lanh is dedicated to conservation and eco-tourism, preserving its unique landscapes and biodiversity.

Local Cuisine: Gastronomic Pleasures

Savor the delectable flavors of Cao Lanh’s local cuisine, featuring freshwater fish, tropical fruits, and regional specialties.

Cultural Festivals: Vibrant Celebrations

Participate in cultural festivals and celebrations, where locals showcase their traditions and customs.


Cao Lanh, with its tranquil river landscapes, cultural treasures, and warm hospitality, offers a serene escape into the heart of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. From exploring flower gardens and vibrant markets to immersing in local culture and traditions, the city promises an authentic and delightful journey. Embrace the rich biodiversity of its wetlands, savor local cuisine, and experience the warmth of its people. Cao Lanh invites travelers to discover the charm of the Mekong Delta’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, making it an enchanting destination in Vietnam’s southwestern region.


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