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A Coastal Gem of Tranquility and Heritage

Quy Nhon, a coastal city in Binh Dinh province, Vietnam, is a hidden gem that captivates travelers with its pristine beaches, historical landmarks, and rich cultural heritage. Nestled between the azure waters of the East Sea and rolling green hills, Quy Nhon offers a serene escape from the bustling cities, where a tranquil ambiance and warm hospitality await. From the stunning beaches of Ky Co and Bai Xep to exploring ancient Cham towers and pagodas, Quy Nhon presents a delightful journey that blends natural beauty and cultural treasures. Discover the allure of this coastal paradise, embrace the rich history of the Cham people, and immerse in the idyllic landscapes that make Quy Nhon a destination like no other.

Geography and Location

Quy Nhon is located in the southeastern part of Binh Dinh province, along the central coast of Vietnam.

Ky Co Beach: Secluded Paradise

Experience the pristine beauty of Ky Co Beach, a secluded paradise with white sands and crystal-clear waters.

Bai Xep Beach: Coastal Charm

Relax on the tranquil shores of Bai Xep Beach, a serene cove surrounded by lush hills.

Cham Towers: Ancient Marvels

Explore the ancient Cham towers, such as Banh It Tower and Duong Long Tower, showcasing the Cham architectural legacy.

Long Khanh Pagoda: Spiritual Tranquility

Find peace at Long Khanh Pagoda, an exquisite Buddhist temple with intricate carvings and serene gardens.

Binh Dinh Museum: Cultural Heritage

Discover the rich history and cultural heritage of Binh Dinh province at the Binh Dinh Museum.

Queen’s Beach: Royal Retreat

Visit Queen’s Beach (Trung Luong), where Queen Nam Phuong, the wife of King Bao Dai, once took refuge.

Quy Hoa Leprosy Hospital: Historical Landmark

Explore the Quy Hoa Leprosy Hospital, a former colonial institution with a fascinating history.

Thi Nai Bridge: Coastal Icon

Admire the iconic Thi Nai Bridge, connecting Quy Nhon with Phuong Mai Peninsula, offering stunning views.

Eo Gio: Coastal Cliff Beauty

Take in the breathtaking views at Eo Gio, a coastal cliff where strong winds create a mesmerizing landscape.

Binh Dinh Traditional Martial Arts Festival: Cultural Celebration

Participate in the Binh Dinh Traditional Martial Arts Festival, showcasing the province’s martial arts heritage.

Queen’s Temple: Royal Tribute

Visit Queen’s Temple (Den Huong), a temple dedicated to Queen Nam Phuong, reflecting royal traditions.

Ham Ho Ecological Tourist Area: Natural Haven

Explore the lush Ham Ho Ecological Tourist Area, a natural haven with pristine streams and lush foliage.

Central Market: Local Flavors

Experience the lively atmosphere of the Central Market, where you can find fresh seafood and regional specialties.

Nhon Ly Fishing Village: Coastal Culture

Discover the coastal way of life at Nhon Ly Fishing Village, where fishermen practice their age-old traditions.

Conservation and Eco-Tourism: Preserving Natural Beauty

Quy Nhon is dedicated to conservation and eco-tourism practices, safeguarding its pristine landscapes and marine life.

Regional Cuisine: Gastronomic Delights

Savor the delectable flavors of Quy Nhon’s regional cuisine, known for its fresh seafood and local specialties.

Hon Kho Island: Oceanic Escape

Embark on an oceanic escape to Hon Kho Island, a secluded retreat with coral reefs and azure waters.

Cu Lao Xanh: Emerald Isle

Discover the beauty of Cu Lao Xanh (Green Island), an emerald isle with unspoiled landscapes and turquoise waters.

Quy Nhon Port: Maritime Commerce

Witness the vibrant maritime commerce at Quy Nhon Port, reflecting the city’s coastal significance.


Quy Nhon, with its pristine beaches, historical landmarks, and cultural heritage, offers a coastal escape like no other. From lounging on secluded shores to exploring ancient Cham towers and pagodas, the city promises a captivating journey. Embrace the rich history of the Cham people, savor the flavors of regional cuisine, and immerse in the idyllic landscapes of Quy Nhon’s coastal paradise. The city invites travelers to experience the tranquility and allure of Vietnam’s central coast, where natural beauty and cultural treasures converge in perfect harmony.



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