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Tay Ninh

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A Spiritual Haven in Vietnam’s Southwest

Tay Ninh, a captivating province in Vietnam’s southwest, is a spiritual and cultural hub that enthralls travelers with its religious landmarks, traditional customs, and natural beauty. Home to the unique Cao Dai religion, Tay Ninh offers a distinctive and immersive experience that reflects the harmony between diverse belief systems and natural landscapes. From exploring the vibrant Cao Dai temples and witnessing traditional ceremonies to visiting historical sites and lush national parks, Tay Ninh presents a delightful journey into the heart of Vietnam’s religious and cultural tapestry.

Geography and Location

Tay Ninh is a province located in the southwestern part of Vietnam, bordering Cambodia.

Cao Dai Great Temple: Spiritual Center

Visit the Cao Dai Great Temple, the epicenter of the Cao Dai religion, with its striking architecture and colorful rituals.

Cao Dai Religion: Harmony of Beliefs

Learn about the Cao Dai religion, a unique blend of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and Islam.

Dau Tieng Lake: Scenic Serenity

Relax by Dau Tieng Lake, a tranquil reservoir surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Holy See: Religious Authority

Discover the Holy See, the highest religious authority in the Cao Dai religion, located in Tay Ninh.

Black Virgin Mountain: Natural Wonder

Embark on a trek to Black Virgin Mountain, an iconic peak with lush forests and cultural significance.

Ba Den Mountain: Pilgrimage Site

Climb Ba Den Mountain, a revered pilgrimage site with pagodas and panoramic views of the surrounding region.

Giac Lam Pagoda: Buddhist Legacy

Explore Giac Lam Pagoda, one of the oldest pagodas in Southern Vietnam, renowned for its historic architecture.

Cao Dai Festivals: Colorful Celebrations

Participate in Cao Dai festivals, witnessing vibrant processions and cultural performances.

Cu Chi Tunnels: Historical Landmark

Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, a network of underground passageways with historical significance from the Vietnam War.

Bau Ca Cai Temple: Cultural Heritage

Learn about the indigenous Ba Na ethnic group at Bau Ca Cai Temple, reflecting their unique customs and traditions.

Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve: Biodiversity Haven

Discover the diverse wildlife and lush landscapes of Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve.

Tay Ninh Museum: Historical Treasures

Explore the Tay Ninh Museum, showcasing artifacts and exhibits on the province’s history and culture.

Binh Thanh Cham Tower: Ancient Relic

Witness the Binh Thanh Cham Tower, an ancient relic reflecting the Cham architectural legacy.

Dinh Co Temple: Coastal Sanctuary

Visit Dinh Co Temple, a sacred site near the coast, revered by locals and fishermen alike.

Conservation and Sustainable Tourism: Preserving Natural Beauty

Tay Ninh is dedicated to conservation and sustainable tourism, preserving its unique landscapes and biodiversity.

Local Cuisine: Gastronomic Delights

Savor the flavors of Tay Ninh’s local cuisine, featuring specialties from the Mekong Delta and bordering regions.


Tay Ninh, with its spiritual landmarks, cultural traditions, and natural beauty, offers a fascinating journey into the heart of Vietnam’s southwest. From exploring Cao Dai temples and historical sites to witnessing traditional ceremonies and lush landscapes, the province reflects the harmony between religion and nature. Embrace the vibrant customs and rituals of the Cao Dai religion, savor local cuisine, and experience the warmth of Tay Ninh’s people. The province invites travelers to discover the essence of its spiritual haven, making it an enchanting destination that embodies the spirit of Vietnam’s religious and cultural diversity.



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